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January 2, 2008
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Hi! ://3
Inspired by =Nocturnal-Devil 's photos manipulations. He did a great tutorial for photoshop, but I used again paint tool SAI (I really love this program :heart:)

I don't know use flash, so my sister and Sucedaneo helped me ://) thanks!

And many thanks for ~VioletUK for take the original photo for me :hug: I hope you like hun! you are the beest :heart:

detail ---> [link]

Kisses and happy 2008! ;//D
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... That is... insanely amazing O_o. The accuracy in every DETAIL... GAH!! Musta took you forever to make it so perfect!
I am in love with this piece! :love:
oh, thanks you so much!! ://D
VioletUK May 3, 2010  Student Artist
Wow it's been a long time since that photo now. I love what you did with it tough.

Long time no see, how are you?
hi darling! <3
I am fine, do you know I am in Germany now? still July, in the nord, exactly in Kiel.
I am making another personal project and hhmm... maybe I could use one of your beautiful pics as a reference for my illusrations <3

And you?? tell me something :heart:
VioletUK May 4, 2010  Student Artist
You are in Germany? That is freaking close to Sweden!! How long will you stay?

Oh just tell me what you need and I get the photo for you <3 No problem <3

I'm all good! I just sent a BJD head to Canada for faceup and are going to move <3 It will be awesome <3 Same city but my own apartment <3
Yees! Kiel is really close to Sweden, I want to visit you, and take you photos, this would be fantastic T v T <3

Wow, congrats!! I hope you will happy in your new apartment, take photos for it and from your doll to show me~!

Take care and thank you baby :**
VioletUK May 5, 2010  Student Artist
WOW YOU ARE IN KEIL??? That is close <3 If you even consider coming here you can sleep at my place for free <3<3
You would have to stand my two room-mates but they are fab. Come on, they live with me <3

For how long will you stay in Germany?

Oh I will be happy in my apartment : D it's small but it's somewhere to live!!
I will!

Takre care too <3
Always feel free to contact me at aim or msn!
I sent you a note by facebook! ^^3
¿;Por qué no hacer un tutorial así, la manipulación de una foto como esa! Yo quiero! * __ * PD: el amor a su trabajo!
minkis May 29, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
wow, that is really cool! i like it
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