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Oh yes, oh yes!! I have been invited to two Secret exchange events *w* I LOVE this kind of games!!
So here we go, this is my big wish list.

:star: Wishlist for :iconghey-day-exchange: or :iconsantas-harem: :star:
:bulletorange:  YAOI :bulletorange:
:heart:  Suichi and Sasha. Oh please I want them!! *3*
Sasha has white hair and green eyes, he is very serious, he NEVER though that he could be with someone like Suichi because they are poles apart, but he loves him. It's difficult to express for him his feelings (and I have to say that he never was with a man before so it's even more strange for him xD).
Suichi is a crazy girly boy. He is very extrovert, restless, vigorous, a little mad... He is drummer and he loves to provoke/stir up to Sasha ;D
Sasha photos:………

Suichi photos:……
- Suichi magazine - by Sakuli - Listen - by Sakuli
Both of them, Suichi is very short!……
- Kiss Meme - by Sakuli - Suichi and Sasha sketches - by Sakuli - Chu - by Sakuli

:heart: Sasha and Kiefer. It could be a fantasy from Kiefer...I haven't more yaoi pairings so...  it could be funny! UxD
Sasha (info above)
Kiefer is a german "bad boy". Black hair, white eyes, piercings and a tatto in his lip with the word "KISS", he is extrovert, bisexual, swears a lot, he just doesn't care about anything xD!
Kiefer images:
- Hehe - by Sakuli - Hey you! - by Sakuli - Kiefer - by Sakuli
Reference photos of my doll -->…………

:bulletpink:  YURI :bulletpink:
:heart: Ringo and żż??
She works in a tattoo studio with her friend Kiefer. She is a person of strong character, a bit serious, maybe she has a kind of shield that doesn't allow to show herself properly... (sorry my horrible English~!! >3<). She isn't very lucky with love so, what's happend? She hasn't partner! So, for this game I have though that could be a good idea if you imagine a girl for her. She can be one of your characters (that would be great!), a character designed by you, a character from one comic/manga anime or whatever you want, surprise me! ://)

She has a very "cute" body; big hands and feet, small breasts and sexy curves <3

Tattoos refference:……

Doll photo reference:………

Happy 2011 by Sakuli - For all those bad things - by Sakuli

:heart: Azza and Mili. They aren't couple really, but this pairing would be so cute! I preffer the first yuri option but if you preffer drawing lolitas you can choose this one ^-^
Azza is a bit strange, she is like in a dreaming world, when she doesn't like something she delete it directly of her mind, that's very useful, haha! She loves lolita style and play with bjdolls ^3^
She has grey eyes and blonde hair
Azza images:……
Now she has this wig *w*…
- Chibi Azza - by Sakuli

Mili images:………

Mili is a lovely and happy girl. She is jaunty, naughty and a very kind person. She cry easyly with movies and loves skating!
Her eyes are brown and she loves to uses wigs, and aw, she is really short! <3

:bulletblue:  HETERO :bulletblue:
:heart: :iconfajar2: and :iconsakuli:
The best pairing!! Because it's my boyfriend and me! X//D hahaha! <3
He is Alex, he loves drawing like me and has big and green eyes, light brown hair, side-whiskers and stubble beard .  
I am blonde, short hair and I have blue eyes. I like adventure time, make dolls, drawing... and hug my boy :D ~ ~ xD

Drawing references:
- Subspace - by Sakuli Fa and La by Sakuli
And a photo of both...…
Me... horrible photo but here you can see my new hair style  UxD -->…
And he with his new glasses! <3 -->…

And that's all!! Choose whatever you want, I will be happy if you do it with love :heart:

Hugs :glomp:



Sakuli's Profile Picture
Laura Garijo
:bulletwhite: Name: Laura (Sakuli)
:bulletwhite: From: Spain
:bulletwhite: Occupation: Illustrator and doll sculptor
:bulletwhite: I love: girlie boys and boyish girls
:bulletwhite: Hobbies: drawing, modeling dolls, taking photos, BJD, music... while I work I am always listening music!
:bulletwhite: Favourite music bands or singers: Iamx, Plastic tree, Satsuki, Ratatat, Baths, Imogen Heap, Vampire Weekend... etc




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